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Best River Cruises In Europe For 2022 & 2023

Looking to do a river cruise in Europe but confused by all the offerings? We make it easy for you. whether it’s your first time on a river cruise or you’re a veteran river cruiser. We’ll start with popular cruises in the spring and proceed to popular river cruises in the summer, fall and winter. Here are the top 10 European river cruises for 2022 and 2023.

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Britton Frost

Avalon Models Sustainable River Cruising

Avalon Waterways is dedicated to preserving the precious environments surrounding the world’s riverbanks with the Lighthouse Project, an initiative created to help travelers come together to reduce their footprint and give generously for the globe’s greater good. 

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Ralph Grizzle

AmaWaterways Debuts Addition Of European Wine Experts To Its Celebration Of Wine River Cruises

AmaWaterways announced the introduction of European Wine Hosts to a special series within the  Celebration of Wine River Cruises. With more than 60 Celebration of Wine River Cruises through Europe scheduled for 2022, AmaWaterways has selected four special departures designated as European Wine Immersion Sailings where notable wine experts from Europe will  lead guests through renowned wine regions while sharing in-depth knowledge of local wines, rich traditions and the history of European winemaking.

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